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Jasey Crowl is an illustrator and art teacher from Kansas living in Los Angeles, CA. Rarely needing to leave Los Feliz, he spends much of his time drawing pretty pictures, eating what comes his way, and generally trying to help the situation.

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Thank you for taking the time to look at his work, and please contact him if you need something drawn, and drawn well.

Recent clients: Walt Disney Imagineering, i.TV, Laura Jansen, Brother Sal, Saving Death Row Dogs, MacKenzie Theater Productions, Fallback Plan Productions

Skills: Illustration (digital/traditional), Painting, Photography, Adobe Creative Suite CS4, HTML/CSS, Social Networking

Teaching: Brookside Charter Schools (Kansas City, MO), ICEF Public Schools (LA, CA)

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A Proposal copyright Jasey Crowl 2010
Charley the Counting Crow Art copyright Jasey Crowl 2010.
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EXECUTE: A hard reboot (also known as a cold reboot, COLDboot or cold start) is when power to a computer [brain] is cycled (turned off and then on) or a special reset signal to the processor [cerebelum] is triggered. This restarts the computer [brain] without first performing any shut-down procedure. (With many operating systems [minds], especially those using disk caches [frontal lobes], after a hard reboot the filesystem [symbol-processing cognition] may be in an “unclean” state, and an automatic scan [analepsis] of on-disk filesystem structures [representational maps] will be done before normal operation can begin.) It may be caused by power failure, be done by accident, or be done deliberately as a last resort to forcibly retrieve the system from instances such as a critical error or virus-inflicted DoS attack. It can also be used by intruders to access cryptographic keys from RAM, in which case it is called a cold boot attack.
This sequential art is copyrighted by Jasey Crowl.
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