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Jasey Crowl is an illustrator and art teacher from Kansas living in Los Angeles, CA. Rarely needing to leave Los Feliz, he spends much of his time drawing pretty pictures, eating what comes his way, and generally trying to help the situation.

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Thank you for taking the time to look at his work, and please contact him if you need something drawn, and drawn well.

Recent clients: Walt Disney Imagineering, i.TV, Laura Jansen, Brother Sal, Saving Death Row Dogs, MacKenzie Theater Productions, Fallback Plan Productions

Skills: Illustration (digital/traditional), Painting, Photography, Adobe Creative Suite CS4, HTML/CSS, Social Networking

Teaching: Brookside Charter Schools (Kansas City, MO), ICEF Public Schools (LA, CA)

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"A wisely chosen illustration is almost essential to fasten the truth upon the ordinary mind."
- Howard Crosby

I have a diverse range of skills and over 5 years of experience working with businesses and individuals to create beautiful illustration and stunning designs. I've attached my portfolio bu you can find also see my work at my site that I hand-coded at I have recently been working with Walt Disney Imagineering where I assist the lead Costume designer as a freelance illustrator and assistant. I create fully rendered illustrations for bids to the lead creative teams, as well as, international bid packages, presentation decks, spec sheets, and fabric pattern design. The projects require both highly designed fashion illustrations and technical black and white flats for each garment. I work both in-house and from home creating mock-ups and laying out presentations for the continually shifting deadlines that Disney demands. I utilize Microsoft Office to create line sheets, project schedules, and bid presentations to the creative teams. I organize and track incoming and outgoing shipments for samples, costumes, and product books. I'm unable to post the work I do with Disney online due to their intellectual property requirements, but would be more than happy to supply examples of my work with them at a later meeting.

I've created a variety of illustrations and designed branding and marketing materials for different media and businesses across the country from concept art to packaging. I work free hand or digitally and can cater my style to my client's needs. I've worked in in print, web, and film and have self-published a children's book that you can see at another website I designed and built using HTML/CSS at

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By phone @ 785.230.4881

Thank you again for taking the time to visit my site.

A Proposal copyright Jasey Crowl 2010
Charley the Counting Crow Art copyright Jasey Crowl 2010.
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