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Jasey Crowl

{ Illustrator & Graphic Artist }

The art you always wanted, but were too afraid to ask for.

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twilight zone fanart - a collection of question marks - jasey crowl draws

Jasey Crowl is an LA artist and teacher originally from Kansas. He’s worked as an illustrator and graphic artist for a variety of organizations from Disney and Fox to local school districts and neighborhood councils. He currently works as an art specialist, coordinator, and teacher in East LA. When not drawing professionally or advocating for arts education he likes to camp with his wife and dog, play board games with friends, and eat donuts.

the 7 elements of art EOA - Where to Start for teachers and students youtube - jasey crowl draws

Jasey Crowl Draws Youtube channel is a resource for fun and learning. Subscribe and you'll find narrated storybooks, art education lessons, and random fun for everyone! Learn a how to use Photoshop, adapt an art lesson for any skill level, and enjoy stories and new creations from the imagination of Jasey Crowl.

bob's burgers fanart - bob's flying burgers - jasey crowl draws

Jasey Crowl Draws Etsy Shop is the place to find fun gifts for anyone or any reason. Get a poster for your burger restaurant, buy a book to learn and love,and find new and fantastical items every now and then while they last! Shipping is free on many items sent within the continental United States of America.

triMAGICæ triMAGICae lucid lines - jasey crowl draws

In Kansas City, on the longest night of the year, reality spirals into adventure for a kid named Mosaic. Dreaming between dimensions and classrooms, Mos begins a surreal, sci-fy epic to figure out all the strange happenings at Sidebrook Schools in Lucid Lines, a triMAGICæ novel by Jasey Crowl.

xmas spys tell lies - jasey crowl draws

The XMAS SPYS won’t sugar coat Christmas (it’s worse than you feared), Santa’s lists are as blank as his big curly beard. So they're blowing the whistle on good-bad advice from those outsourced advisors on naughty and nice! A holiday exposé by Jasey Crowl.

un altro castello comic book - jasey crowl draws

A Story Retold. A Kingdom Reborn. A Legacy Reset in... un altro castello. Though their lands were sieged, and their homeland caged, their hearts stayed hopeful,and their culture survived. Their crown reminds them that no age is too dark for the Mushroom Kingdom to sprout again.

survive the night party-battle card game - jasey crowl draws

Wake Up In A Warehouse. The Party-battle boardgame of pop trivia and nerd imagination. Roam the road. Flee or fight. Save the Great State. A boardgame for all the nerdy arguments you already have, but with pictures & winners. Gameplay and art by Jasey Crowl.

survive the night party-battle card game - jasey crowl draws

Survive the Night. The Party-battle card game of pop trivia and nerd imagination. Draw your cards. Create a story. Argue with friends. A game for all the nerdy arguments you already have, but with pictures & winners. Gameplay and art by Jasey Crowl.

you're COLOR & you're COLORing books by Jasey Crowl Draws

We all want to be happy, but life can turn rough. This book will teach smiles, share colors, and lots of stuff! You're color, that's enough! First published in 2011, you’re COLOR is a picturebook that art lovers and educators of all ages will want to read again and again. Follow along with the story or color your own in the coloring book you're COLOR-ing available through Amazon.